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Whisky & Corn Dogs

Updated: Jun 28

So, I had quite an eventful Friday night. You know you've had a wild night when you wake up to find yourself surrounded by corn dogs. Yeah, apparently, in my intoxicated state, I decided to become a corn dog chef extraordinaire. Who needs culinary school when you have whiskey, right?

But here's the thing: the only proof that it was me who made those corn dogs was the fact that I also transformed into an amateur food photographer. I mean, forget National Geographic, my kitchen became my own little Instagram studio. And let me tell you, the drunk version of me has some serious skills when it comes to food photography.

I proudly present to you the State Fair® Brand Corn Dogs photo shoot. We're talking perfectly placed mustard, impeccable composition, and just the right amount of grease glistening in the background. I might have been a bit hazy on the cooking part, but the artistic vision was on point!

So, if you ever need some social media-worthy food pictures, just hit me up. I may not remember how to make them, but I guarantee your corn dogs will look like they belong on the cover of a gourmet magazine. Who needs a professional photographer when you have a whiskey-fueled chef slash artist like me?

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