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Whiskey Wonderland

Updated: Jun 28

In a world where the power of storytelling reigns supreme, there is a special kind of storyteller who holds the key to a realm of unparalleled enjoyment and excitement. For 15 long and adventurous years, I have immersed myself in the captivating world of whisky, listening intently, retelling tales, and weaving my own narratives around this elixir of life. And with each passing year, my world has transformed into a vivid tapestry of endless fun and merriment.

Recently, fate led me to lead a whisky class, eager to share one of my cherished stories. It all began on a misty morning in Scotland when my wife and I embarked on an impromptu visit to a distillery. As we drove along a tranquil road, the first rays of sunlight piercing through the dew-laden grass, a small sign caught our attention. In simple yet enticing black lettering, it read "distillery," beckoning us with an arrow pointing to the right.

Little did we know that this was no ordinary distillery, but rather the back entrance to a renowned establishment primarily reserved for employees and delivery trucks. Oblivious to our accidental discovery, we parked our car and approached what we now know to be a side door, fruitlessly searching for someone to guide us through this whisky sanctuary. With every locked door we tugged at, we must have appeared quite the fools, unaware that the main tourist entrance lay just a stone's throw behind us.

As we trudged back towards our car, about to surrender our hopes of a tour, a glimmer of opportunity materialized before us. A woman, clad in mystery and wielding a small red door, emerged from the shadows. "Can I be of assistance to you both?" she inquired. Excitedly, we explained our desire for a distillery tour, only to be informed that the tours commenced at 10:30 am.

Feigning a passing visit, we casually mentioned our intention to return when time allowed. But this was not satisfactory to her adventurous spirit. With a mischievous smile, she uttered, "You can't leave empty-handed," and motioned for us to step through the door she had just opened.

As we crossed the threshold, the woman revealed that she could not offer us a traditional tour. Instead, she held the key to the sensory wonders that awaited us. With an air of authority, she proclaimed herself the purveyor of sensory experiences and offered us a tantalizing whisky tasting, even in the early hours. My wife and I exchanged glances, our eyes brimming with delight, and eagerly accepted her gracious invitation.

The first pour of whisky graced our glasses, and I was summoned to discern the subtle aromas dancing within. With a touch of pride, I swiftly identified two or three notes, relishing in my prowess. Then it was my wife's turn to embark on this olfactory exploration. To my amazement, she embarked on a seemingly never-ending journey of scents, her list of aromas unfolding with each passing moment. Just as I wondered if she would ever cease, she finally admitted, "I believe that's all I can detect."

In that fleeting moment, I was captivated by my wife's essence. Love surged within me, and I marveled at the depths of her being. "Who is this extraordinary woman?" I silently pondered. Lost in my reverie, I only snapped back to reality when our host exclaimed, "You must be a seasoned professional, gifted with an impeccable nose. You have identified twelve out of the fifteen known aromas and flavors!"

The story continued to unfold from that remarkable moment, but some tales are simply meant to be experienced firsthand, their essence brought to life through shared encounters. If you wish to uncover the rest of our journey, reach out to me someday, and together, we shall savor a dram while swapping tales. In return, I only ask for the pleasure of hearing your own whisky story, for in the realm of storytelling, our shared experiences become the elixir that fuels our spirits.

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